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Top 5 Zero Brokerage Trading Accounts in India 2024

Zero Brokerage is a plan where the broker offers no charge for any kind of trade which is known as a zero brokerage trading account in India. in other words, Zero Brokerage is now available from every broker. I performed a lot of research to find out if the commission costs are indeed zero or if there are any hidden fees that negate the commission-free trading offer entirely. Most Zero Brokerage trading brokers in India deduct their brokerage costs someplace else.

Nobody truly provides true zero brokerage services across the board. For example, Trade Smart Online offers limitless trading but not zero brokerage, while Zerodha, and Upstox on the other hand, appear to provide zero brokerage but only in equities investments.

Zero Brokerage Trading Account in India

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Our Top Pick Zero Brokerage brokers in India:



Best for Beginners, Free Account Opening, & Saves from high brokerage fees.



Best for Quick, easy, and cost-effective equity trading.

What is a zero Brokerage account in trading?

Whenever it comes to trading, the brokerage fee is a key component of a trader’s overall expenditures. When a brokerage is based on the proportion of trades, it becomes much more significant. Free commerce is no longer fiction. With the Indian brokerage sector becoming more competitive, a few brokers have decreased their commissions to zero for all segments or zero for delivery trading.

Traditionally, most stockbrokers in India charged their customers a percentage of the exchanged value. Brokerage firms provide zero-spread accounts, which have no difference between the bid and ask prices. Whenever traders open positions, they can know right away what their incoming and outgoing conditions will be.

Zero spread accounts are also useful for measuring non-trading losses like slippage and are perfect for high-frequency scalping and day trading methods.

No-brokerage transaction as an example:

Now consider the identical scenario with a flat pay-per-trade, 0% brokerage arrangement.

Suppose your broker charges a fixed cost of Rs. 20 per trade, and you made the same two deals as before. Your total costs would be Rs. 40 because you made two deals.

This brokerage approach has a lot of advantages.

  • You don’t have to worry about your deal volume with the zero brokerage model.
  • Your break-even threshold is lower under the zero brokerage scenario. This increases the chances of a profitable deal.
  • You will never have to worry about how big or small your deal is.

Zero brokerage has that kind of power! Don’t be afraid to ask your broker how much brokerage you are paying, as you may want to consider moving to a broker that does not charge any fees.

List of Top 5 Zero Brokerage Trading Account In India 2024:

S.NoBroker NameRatings
1.Zerodha trading account9.21/10
2.Upstox trading account9.17/10
3.IIFL trading account8.89/10
4.SAS Online trading account8.75/10
5.Trade smart online trading account8.69/10

What is the benefit of a zero-spread account?

Brokers that provide zero spread accounts have no difference between the bid and ask prices, or spreads that are close to zero. However, depending on the broker and account you pick, there is still the possibility of spreads widening and additional trading fees.

If no additional commissions or fees are charged, trading with a zero spread makes it simple to initiate and leave a deal without incurring trading charges.

Zero-spread accounts have a number of benefits.

Small traders may use Zero Spread Accounts to calculate their executions accurately without worrying about spreads tightening or expanding.

Negative aspects of zero-spread accounts.

Zero Spread Accounts, on the other hand, have certain drawbacks. Forex firms must also generate revenue in other ways. Fixed commissions (simulating fixed spread accounts), larger/smaller leverage, larger initial account opening size, slightly slower execution speeds, non-application of Negative Balance Protection, tighter Margin Calls and Stop Loss Levels, or various permutations of the above-mentioned tactics may be offered by these brokers.

How do you compare brokers who provide zero-spread accounts?

When comparing zero-spread account brokers, one of the first things to look at is how much commission they charge. While professing to be zero spread brokers, some brokers charge a tiny commission or fee and add a minor markup to the spreads. Some additional brokers provide no-commission zero-spread trading. They tend to be dealing desk brokers who do not send clients’ positions into the marketplace.

Is trading possible at a zero brokerage charge?

For a predetermined monthly charge, unlimited trading plans provide a really limitless number of brokerage-free trades in a particular sector. Such packages, also called Zero Brokerage Unlimited Plans, allow you to make an unlimited number of transactions in a month based on volume or size.

How can I trade with zero brokerage?

Is it still true in today’s world? Yes, it’s conceivable. Zero brokerage is already available from a number of brokers throughout the world. As a result, In India, discount brokers provide zero brokerage or subscription programs, among other things.

Is Zerodha a zero brokerage?

For equities delivery deals, Zerodha charges no commission. On intraday and futures markets, it charges Rs 20 for each executed order.

How can I open a trading account online?

1 To begin, choose a stockbroker or business. Make sure the broker is trustworthy and will execute your orders promptly. Remember that in the stock market, timing is everything. The market price of a stock can vary in a matter of minutes. As a result, make sure you use a reputable broker.

2. Make a comparison of brokerage fees. For processing your orders, each broker costs you a fee. Some may charge more, while others may charge less.

3. Some provide discounts based on the number of deals completed. Take all of this into consideration before you establish an account. However, keep in mind that choosing a broker with the lowest costs isn’t always the best option. High-quality brokerage services may need higher-than-average fees.

4. Then, contact the brokerage business or broker and inquire about the process of opening a trading account. Frequently, a person from the company would come to your home with the account opening form and the Know Your Client (KYC) form.

5. Fill in the blanks on these two forms. Please include two documents that serve as verification of your identity and address with your application.

6. Your application will be confirmed either in person or over the phone, and you will be requested to provide personal information.

7. You will be provided with your trading account information after your application has been completed. Congratulations, you are now able to buy and sell on the financial markets.

How can I open a Demat account without trading?

This does not need the use of a trading account. You must provide a copy of your Demat Requisition Form (DRF) together with copies of your physical stock shares to your DP after your Demat account has been set up.

Can I open a trading account without a broker?

It is possible to create a Demat account without a broker using DPs, but you must open a trading account with the aid of a SEBI-registered broker/sub-broker to engage in stock market operations.

Conclusion on Zero Brokerage Trading Account 2024:

In India, zero brokerage trading accounts are now a reality. I am one of the people who has benefited directly from it.

In reality, I can save between 80% and 90% on brokerage, which I may use for my next deal and scale-up.

However, brokerage is only one aspect of our trading performance. We should also consider the additional services that a broker provides. A low brokerage should never be the only consideration.

You can create a trading account with any of the brokerage firms listed above that provide no-fee trading. All of them are SEBI-registered and similarly good.

Because I love to trade with the best, I picked Zerodha, and Upstox as my broker. There has to be a reason they have more clients than any other broker.

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