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Compare Top Share Brokers

Best Share Broker in India
Best Share Broker in India

This article covers the top share brokers in India and compares the list of best share brokers in India. is dedicated to providing you with all of the information you need to Compare Brokers and select the best share broker in India for your trading needs.

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Top Share Brokers in India Compare Best Share Brokers 2024:

A stockbroker, often known as a brokerage business, is a financial organization that buys and sells stocks and other assets on behalf of its customers.

Before deciding on a brokerage business, you should be aware of the variations between brokers and the kind of investor you are. Discount brokers and full-service brokers are two categories of brokers.

Discount brokers charge a lower price than full-service brokers and offer a limited trading capacity at cheaper brokerage rates. This allows an investor to have faith in the broker’s ability to make quick, real-time judgments. 

Aside from buying and selling shares, full-service brokers offer a variety of other services. Many more are bank subsidiaries that offer customers a savings account, a Demat account, and an online trading platform. A full-service broker will, above all else, have well-personalized market guidance.

To choose the best share broker, you must compare the list of top share brokers in India on a number of factors, including:

  • For a Demat account, there are brokerage/commission fees.
  • Offers products and services.
  • Trading Platforms for trade (Desktop trading & Mobile Trading).
  • Advisory and research services.
  • Customer service is important.
  • Offers.

How to Choose the Best Share Broker in India:

Consider the following factors while selecting an Indian Share Broker.

  • What Type of investor are you?

This is a question you should ask yourself before picking an Indian stockbroker. If you consider yourself a day trader, you must invest in a short period, which could be as little as a few minutes or as long as a few hours. As an intraday trader, you’ll want to find a broker who charges a fixed cost or lower fees on transactions. This has a lot to do with bargain brokers. Zerodha and Upstox are two well-known India-based brokers that will provide you with real-time, valuable market research platforms for a lesser charge.

The second sort of investor will purchase and retain stock for a longer time. In this instance, an investor has a strong need to receive exceptionally accurate data in a short amount of time in order to make the greatest possible investment decision. You’ll need a broker who knows long-term market values, trends, and trading patterns, as well as a sound execution approach. Angel Broking, Sharekhan, Kotak securities, and more are available in full-service brokerage firms in India.

  • The reputation of a Share broker:

Investigate the reputations of share brokers to save money. To discover the correct broker, you might look via SEBI and stock investment websites. You may do reputation research to check if a broker has any difficulties or complaints against them and their own experience working with investors in the market. Choose a broker with a lot of expertise and current knowledge of the market’s internal workings and trends.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

When working with a broker, there are a variety of fees to consider. When working with a broker, there are a variety of fees to consider. Except for a few, almost everyone charges a minor account opening fee to start a trading account. It is critical to compare brokers’ transaction fees to maximize your return on investment. There are costs for account opening, transactions, and maintenance, among other things. If you trade frequently, look for cheap transaction fees, and if you retain stock for a long time, look for low maintenance fees. We would seek out the best brokerage firm with the lowest brokerage fees or charges in an ideal world. On the other hand, the lowest brokerage isn’t usually the Best share Broker for your situation.

Through Trading software performance and market research tools, brokerages are improving their ability to use new technologies. Having an account with a broker who is familiar with such software and market research tools will encourage you to make well-informed and timely stock selection decisions.

  • Range of facilities offered:

Choose an investor who encourages you to invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or Market Funds. When it comes to picking a broker to make investment decisions with, operating together as a team is critical.

Top share brokers in India & find the Best Share Brokers in India:

Choose the finest discount broker in India from the list of top discount brokers in India below. The majority of these are Indian online discount brokers who offer trading services via the internet.

 Compare the List of Top 7 discount share brokers in India: NameOpeningBrokerage
1.ZerodhaRs 200Free delivery and Rs 20 for intraday and F&O trades
2.UpstoxStarts from Rs. 249Free delivery and Rs 20 per trade for F&O
3.Angel BrokingFreeFree delivery and Rs. 20 or 0.25% (whichever is lower) per executed Order For intraday, F&O, Commodities & Currencies
4.TradeJiniRs 300Rs 20 per trade.
5.SAS OnlineRs 400Rs 9 per trade or 0.07% per trade.
6.TradePlus OnlineRs 499 but it is redeamableUnlimited commodity brokerage for Rs 99.
7.Trade Smart OnlineRs 400Pay a maximum of Rs 15 per order.

Compare the List of 14 Top full-service share brokers in India:

Sl.No.Broker NameOpening ChargesYearly MaintenanceIntradayBrokerage
1.Angel BrokingRs 350Rs 3000.06%0.50%
2.SharekhanRs 750Rs 4410.10%0.50%
3.AXIS Direct Rs 999Rs 4000.05%0.50%
4.Motilal OswalRs 550Rs 900Buy – Nil Sell – .25% to .4%.5 – .9%
5.SBI SecuritiesRs 500Rs 3860.05%0.75%
6.ReligareRs 499Rs 300 (email) Rs 480 (paper statement)0.06%0.30%
7.IndiabullsRs 1350Rs 4500.05%0.30%
8.IIFL SecuritiesRs 750Rs 4500.05%0.50%
9.Kotak SecuritiesRs 750Rs 500.06%0.59%
10. Reliance MoneyRs 950Rs 2100.04%0.30%
11.HDFC SecurityRs 999Rs. 550Higher of 25 or .05%Higher of 25 or 0.5%
12.ICICI DirectRs 975Rs. 500(mail statement) Rs 450 (email)0.05%0.55%
13.BonanzaRs 600Rs 2750.05%0.50%
14.Geojit BNP ParibasRs 800Rs 4000.03%0.30%

For more details about the Top 20 Stock Broking Companies in India Please visit.

How do you compare brokers?

Check to see if the broker deals on several different stock exchanges. Most Online Trading Websites in India trade on the NSE and BSE. Examine the connection between your brokerage, depository, and bank accounts. Compare brokerages to their competitors.

Which trading broker is best?

Zerodha, Upstox & angel Broking is the best trading broker in India it is also on the list of top 10 stockbrokers in India.

What are the 3 different types of stockbrokers?

In India, mainly two types of brokerage houses will exist but in some conditions, broker services offer only online.

1. Full-Service Stockbroker. A full-service stock broker offers a variety of financial services to clients. for more please visit.

2. Discount Stockbroker. Discount stockbrokers provide financial products and access to mutual funds. for more please visit.

3. For more about Online Stockbroker please visit.

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