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Top 10 Lowest Brokerage Charges Stockbrokers in India 2024

Lowest Brokerage Charges in India
Lowest Brokerage Charges For Online Share Trading

Lowest Brokerage Charges in India for Online Trading:

A stockbroker usually makes a healthy profit, regardless of whether the markets are increasing or decreasing. Discount brokers have completely changed the landscape of stockbrokers in recent years. Discount brokers now impose a flat price per trade, regardless of trade volume, allowing you to save a large amount on your brokerage fee. The burden of paying brokerage to a full-service stockbroker for a single transaction may be lost on you. However, if you look at the total amount you pay to the broker across numerous transactions, you’ll notice that you’re spending a lot of money. If you trade frequently, it’s advisable to go with a discount stock broker rather than a full-service broker.

When the total computed brokerage is less than the predetermined amount, the lowest brokerage charges in India are paid by the trader. If the computed brokerage is less than the stock broker’s minimum brokerage, the lowest brokerage fee for the trading app is charged. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has established guidelines for the maximum brokerage fees that a stockbroker can charge traders who trade on Indian stock exchanges. The maximum brokerage rates in India, according to the BSE and NSE, are 2.5 percent, and no stockbroker may charge more than that. It does not, however, provide any suggestions regarding the lowest brokerage fees in India. As a result, each stockbroker has a separate brokerage price structure. In India, some stockbrokers even offer zero brokerage as the lowest brokerage trading app fee.

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Comparison of Top 10 Lowest Brokerage Charges Discount Brokers in India 2024:

RankLowest Brokerage trading accountsTrading Account Opening ChargesDemat Account Maintenance ChargesLow Brokerage in all NSE Future & Option (F&O)
1.UpstoxFree (Click here to Open Account)FreeRs. 20/executed order or 0.05%
2.5 PaisaFree (Click here to Open Account)FreeRs 10 /executed order or 0.1%
3.ZerodhaRs. 300 (Click here to Open Account)Rs. 300 per yearRs 20/executed order or 0.03%
4.Angel OneFree (Click here to Open Account)Rs. 240 per yearRs 20/executed order or 0.1% to 0.4%
5.SAS OnlineRs. 200Rs. 200 per yearRs 9/executed order
6.SharekhanClassic Acc: Rs.750; Trade tiger Acc: Rs. 1000Rs. 4000.50%
7.SBI SecuritiesRs. 850Rs. 5000.15% intraday & 0.5% delivery
8.HDFC SecuritiesRs. 999Rs. 7500.50%
9.ICICI DirectRs. 975Rs. 500 (1 year onwards)For Less than ₹ 25 Lakhs, 0.75% Normal: 0.55%
10.Kotak SecuritiesRs. 975Rs. 500 (1 year onwards)

What to look for when choosing an online stock broker?

Choosing the best online stock broker in India with the lowest brokerage charges in India for trading apps can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially for beginners who regard all stockbrokers as the same. Differences, on the other hand, can be subtle but have a significant impact on your decision. So, when it comes to selecting the greatest online discount broker, consider the following:

What is the trading fee of a broker?

The most crucial thing you should be aware of is the trading app fees of the broker. Indeed, you can’t control the tax rates or returns from your investment. However, you can check on the stock broker’s trading app fees. Many beginners often neglect this aspect, and it can get big over long periods swiftly. With the rise of ETFs, several brokers let you trade a particular set for free. Moreover, in the past 20 years, the price per trade has diminished greatly. There was a time when trade costs were Rs 100 or above. However, today you can get them below Rs 4, and with numerous other options for free.

Does the stockbroker provide banking facilities?

Most brokers focus on trading, which is acceptable for most individuals. However, some individuals want brokers that offer the lowest brokerage charges for F&O in India and banking services. A few brokers provide cash management services for you to pay bills and write checks. In several situations, the fees are almost zero or much lower than with a regular bank.

Does the stockbroker provide investment advisory facilities?

A few individuals prefer to do it alone, while some prefer the advice of a financial advisor. In this case, know if the broker you’re willing to opt for offers investment advisory services. If not, find an independent investment advisor that is external to your broker.

Does the broker provide graphing tools?

If you’re an experienced trader, you should know if the stockbrokers have graphing tools you need. Some of the lower-cost brokers, fall a little short on this front. However, for most, this is fine as several third-party commercial and free services are more powerful than what’s there in your broker’s hood.

What can I invest in with a broker?

Almost all brokers offer to trade in ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. However, when you step into advanced investing such as forex, futures, and options there usually is a much smaller list of brokers.

What is a Discount Broker?

Discount brokers are stockbrokers in India who provide minimal brokerage fees as well as a quick platform for trading commodities, currencies, and stocks. Discount brokers have low brokerage and high exposure brokers in India as compared to regular stockbrokers like ICICI direct, SBI cap, HDFC Securities, and others. Furthermore, a discount broker’s business model is relatively straightforward.

They charge a flat brokerage fee for every trade their customers make, regardless of the value of the trade. This cost typically ranges from INR 10 to INR 20 for every transaction. Full-service stockbrokers, on the other hand, charge a percentage of the trade volume, which can be as high as 0.3-0.7 percent. As a result, as your transaction volume grows, you’re more likely to incur high brokerage fees.

Now that you understand the main differences between discount and full-service brokers, let’s look at the best 5 discount brokers in India that offer minimal brokerage fees. In a details Analysis of the top 5 Discount stock brokers that provide the lowest brokerage charges in India for trading apps:

List of Top 5 Minimum Brokerage Charges by Discount Brokers 2024:

  1. Upstox:
  2. Zerodha
  3. 5paisa
  4. Tadeplus online
  5. SAS online

What is a Demat Account?

A Demat account is a short form of dematerialized account. It allows you to hold a company’s securities and shares in an electronic form. The lowest brokerage charges Demat account in India allows you to hold dematerialized securities, such as mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, stocks, etc. So when you buy shares, they get credited to your Demat account. Similarly, when you sell your shares, they get debited from your Demat account. Several stock brokers are offering the lowest brokerage charges for Demat accounts in India that you can choose from.

Compare Top 5 Lowest Brokerage Charges Demat and Trading Accounts in India 2024:

1. Upstox:

upstox pro logo

Upstox is a well-known discount broker in India that offers the lowest brokerage fees to both stock and commodity customers. RKSV securities provide INR 20 for each trade and five free trades per month. They don’t charge ISB subscribers and have been one of India’s fastest-growing bargain stockbrokers for the past two years. Furthermore, it is the best option for Indian traders looking for huge margins (up to 20X), good trading platforms, and inexpensive brokerage fees. Regardless of the trading volume, you will only have to pay INR 20 to trade intraday, F&O, commodities, and currencies. Upstox is currently offering a 30-day Rs.0 brokerage offer on new account openings. For the next 30 days, you will be able to trade without paying a penny in brokerage fees.

       Upstox Brokerage Charges:

There are two trading plans; namely the Basic plan and the Priority plan.

  • Equity Delivery:
    • INR 0 for both Basic & Priority
  • Equity Intraday:
    • Basic: Lower of INR 20 per executed order or 0.05%
    • Priority: Lower of INR 30 per executed order or 0.10%
  • Equity Futures:
    • Basic: Lower of INR 20 per executed order or 0.05%
    • Priority: Lower of INR 30 per executed order or 0.10%
  • Currency Futures:
    • Basic: Lower of INR 20 per executed order or 0.05%
    • Priority: Lower of INR 30 per executed order or 0.10%
  • Commodity Futures:
    • Basic: Lower of INR 20 per executed order or 0.05%
    • Priority: Lower of INR 30 per executed order or 0.10%
  • Equity Options:
    • Basic: INR 20/- executed order
    • Priority: INR 30/- executed order
  • Currency Options:
    • Basic: INR 20/- executed order
    • Priority: INR 30/- executed order
  • Commodity Options:
    • Basic: INR 20/- executed order
    • Priority: INR 30/- executed order

Trading Platforms

  • Pro Web, NEST Trader Desktop, Pro Mobile App

2. Zerodha:

Zerodha Review: Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage & more

Zerodha is another flat-fee stockbroker in India that trades commodities, currencies, and stocks. In India, brokerage fees are as little as 0.01 percent/INR 20 per executed order, whichever is lower. Brokerage fees are not charged by delivery trade businesses. As a result, for investors, this is the finest stockbroker because there are no brokerage fees. The low brokerage rates in India, on the other hand, are INR 20/0.03 percent per executed transaction, whichever is lower. With that, you can secure your brokerage’s high echelon. Intraday & Delivery Trades have a transaction fee of INR 325 per crore, Futures a fee of INR 190 per crore, Options a fee of INR 5000 per crore, and Currency Futures a fee of INR 90 per crore, and Currency Options a fee of INR 3500 per crore on Premium. When Zerodha charged a PCM fee, the transaction fees were quite expensive. The transaction fees are now standard, as the corporation no longer charges PCM fees.

       Features of Zerodha

  • Free Equity Delivery
  • Max brokerage per trade is INR 20
  • User-Friendly & Innovative Trading Platform
  • Customer Support & Immense Brand Value
  • Direct Mutual Fund Investment through the same Demat account

       Brokerage charges

  • Free Equity Delivery: zero brokerage
  • Intraday Equity and F&O trades: 0.03% or INR 20 (whichever is lower) per executed order

       Trading & Demat Account Charges:

  • Equity: INR 200
  • Commodity: INR 100

So, if you open the lowest brokerage charges Demat account in India with Zerodha, the total account opening charges will be INR 300. Moreover, the Demat account charges for maintenance will be INR 300.

       Services Provided

Mutual Funds, Currency, Commodities, Equity

       Trading Platforms

Coin, Kite Mobile, Console, Kite 3.0, Sentinel

3. Wisdom Capital:

Wisdom capital

Wisdom Capital, founded in 2013, is an online discount brokerage service in India that offers the lowest brokerage charges for stocks, futures, options, currency, and commodities on the NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. In both the BSE and the NSE, Wisdom Capital provides broker-assisted trade execution and automated online investments. They provide instruments for making wise decisions and huge gains, such as live data, graphing, and so on, either for free or for a little fee. It also offers valuable metal futures through any of its trading platforms, as well as funding in these commodities without having to worry about the precious metals’ safety.

Almost all metals, as well as agricultural and non-agricultural commodities, can be traded flawlessly by an investor. It is an online discount brokerage firm that provides reduced brokerage fees for stocks, futures and options, and commodities on the NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX in India. It offers zero brokerage in all NSE, BSE, and MCX divisions, as well as free account registration.

       Features of Wisdom Capital:

  • Zero brokerage in Freedom Plan,
  • Flexible brokerage plans as per customer’s preference,
  • High exposure/margin in higher plans

       Brokerage Charges:

Wisdom Capital has the following three different brokerage plans to offer to its customers:

  1. Freedom
    • Zero brokerage in all segments.
    • Little or no margin, and hence, it might not suit active traders.
  2. Pro
    • Designed for professional traders
    • For those who need higher intraday margins
    • 0.005% of the trade as delivery brokerage
    • 0.005% of the trade as intraday brokerage
    • For the rest, the low brokerage charge in India is INR 9 per trade.
    • Offers an intraday margin of up to 40x MIS in NSE cash
  3. Ultimate
    • Designed for high-frequency traders
    • 0.007% of the trade as delivery brokerage
    • 0.007% of the trade as intraday brokerage
    • For the rest, low brokerage charges in India is INR 15 per lot
    • Offers intraday margin of up to 60x MIS in NSE cash

       Trading & Demat Account Charges:

  • Account Opening: FREE
  • AMC: Lifetime INR 999+ Taxes

       Services offered

Wisdom Capital offers trading services in options, currency, commodities, future, and equities on NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX.

       Trading Platforms

NEST, Bolt

4. Tradeplus Online


Navia Markets, a well-known full-service stockbroker, has a brokerage division. Navia began operations in 1983 and joined the NSE in 1995 as an equity stockbroker. Tradeplus is a cheap and traditional broker that operates online. It is headquartered in Chennai and serves over 40,000 customers. It received its DP from NSDL in 1997 and MCX service in 2009. It offers unrestricted trading at the NSE, BSE, and MCX for a monthly fee. Despite the fact that they are discount brokers, they do not use the same price mechanism as other well-known stock brokers. Furthermore, for a monthly price of INR 99, they provide limitless trading plans.

       Account Opening Charges

  • Demat Account Charges: Zero
  • Trading Account: INR 199 + S.T.
  • Demat Account Charges for Maintenance: INR 900 for 10 years/ INR 500 for 5 years, plus S.T.
  • Trading AMC: Nil

       Brokerage Charges

  • Equity Delivery: 0.1%
  • Equity Intraday: 0.01%
  • Equity Futures: 0.01% or INR 799 per month for Unlimited Trading
  • Equity Options: 0.01% or INR 99 per month for Unlimited Trading
  • Currency Futures: 0.01% or INR 99 per month for Unlimited Trading
  • Currency Options: 0.01% or INR 99 per month for Unlimited Trading
  • Commodity: 0.01% or INR 99 per month for Unlimited Trading


  • Offers SMP where customers can check the status of referral clients’ bonuses subscribe to value packs, etc.
  • NEAT(trading platform) offers adaptability & flexibility across devices.
  • Numerous plans offering low brokerage charges in India across diverse segments
  • Twitter-based customer support helps to resolve issues instantly.
  • Paytm integration for easy access

       Trading Platforms and Apps:

Tradeplus mobile, Infini Trader, Tradeplus NOW, Tradeplus NEST

5. SAS Online:


SAS Online began operating in 1995 and has been credited as having a rapid reach since then. The referral scheme is the main reason for the company’s massive network. It also received the NSDL Top Performer Award 2015-Rising DPs for being the best Demat service provider. In October 2014, it became a member of MCX. SAS Online, like other discount brokers, has been offering the cheapest Demat account in India since June 2015. It trades commodities, currency, options, futures, and equities on the BSE, NSE, and MCX exchanges. It costs 0.07 percent of the trade value or INR 9 for every transaction, whichever is lower.

       Features of SAS Online

  • One of the lowest brokerage charges in India (INR 9/trade)
  • Fix-priced monthly unlimited plans
  • Availability of margin against shares
  • Offers free span margin and brokerage Calculators

       Brokerage Details:

  • Equity Delivery: 0.1%/INR 9 whichever is the least
  • Equity Intraday: 0.01%/INR 9 whichever is the least
  • Equity Futures: 0.01%/INR 9 whichever is the least
  • Equity Options: INR 9 per executed order
  • Currency Futures: 0.01%/INR 9 whichever is the least
  • Currency Options: INR 9 per executed order
  • Commodity Futures: 0.01%/INR 9 per trade whichever is lower

       Account Opening Charges

  • Trading Account opening charges: INR 200 (One time)
  • Demat Account Charges: INR 200
  • Trading Account AMC: NIL
  • Demat Account Charges for Maintenance: for the first year: 0, and from the second year onwards: INR 300

       Trading Platforms

SAS Online Trader, SASOnline Web HTML 5, SAS Online Mobile App

Conclusion on Lowest Brokerage Charges In India:

Look for a stockbroker that offers no hidden account fees, round-the-clock customer service, high-quality trading tools, cheap AMC, and the lowest brokerage rates in India when picking a stockbroker. Furthermore, always indicate your trading style and priority in the brokerage company’s choice before opening an account.

Discount stock brokers nowadays frequently launch a new campaign every month to tempt new consumers by offering zero brokerage Demat account fees, brokerage cash back, and even referral client bonuses. The competition among stockbrokers in India offering low brokerage fees is forcing them to innovate faster and deliver great customer service so that investors can have better trading experiences.


Which broker has the lowest charges in India?

Upstox and Zerodha are known for having some of the lowest charges among brokers in India.

Which is the cheapest full-service broker in India?

Angel One is currently considered one of the cheapest full-service discount brokers in India.

Which is the cheapest option trading brokerage in India?

Upstox and 5paisa are considered the cheapest option trading brokerage in India.

Which broker gives zero brokerage in India?

Upstox and Zerodha offer zero brokerage accounts in India.

Which demat is the cheapest?

It varies depending on transaction volume and services offered, but platforms like Zerodha, Upstox, and 5Paisa are known for cheapest rates.

Which brokerage charges less fees?

5paisa, Zerodha, and Upstox are popular brokerage houses in India known for charging lower fees.

Can I open two demat accounts?

Yes, you can open two demat accounts.

Which brokerage is best in India?

some popular options available in India include Zerodha, Upstox, and ICICI Direct. for more details please visit

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