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IDFC First Bank Share Price Targets For 2023, 2025, 2030

IDFC First Bank Share Price Targets For 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

In this article, we will talk about IDFC First Bank Share Price Targets for 2023, 2025, and 2030 A lot of retail investors are fully expecting this bank stock to show good performance in the long run. Also, many believe that these shares become the biggest company in the banking sector.

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So, today we will try to know the complete details of IDFC First Bank by analyzing the details so that we can know in which direction the performance of this bank is going to look in the future.

IDFC’s First Bank Share Price Targets for 2022, 2023, 2025, & 2030 are Given Below:

YearIDFC’s first bank share price targets firstIDFC’s first bank share price targets second
2022Rs 80Rs 83
2023Rs 121Rs 124
2025Rs 181Rs 187
2030Rs 432

In a details year by year analysis of stocks “IDFC’s first bank” share price targets for 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030 are Given Below:

IDFC’s first bank share price target 2022:

IDFC First Bank is now gradually focusing more and more on retail loans except corporate loans. Because the chances of NPA are very less in retail loans, where banks give small amounts of loans to many customers. If one or two customers are unable to repay the loan, then the bank does not see the risk of increasing the NPAs so much. Due to this in the coming days, you will see that the amount of NPA in IDFC First Bank is decreasing.

Before the merger of IDFC Bank with Capital First, the bank which had given corporate loans to many sinking companies, now there is a possibility of money coming from those companies from the government’s relief package. Due to which the improvement in the NPA of this bank in the coming days, there is a good jump in the share price as well.

Coming to the short term, IDFC First Bank Share Price Target is expected to show you the first target of Rs 80 by 2022. As soon as this target interest is made, you try to keep another target at Rs 83.

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IDFC’s first bank share price target 2023:

IDFC First Bank is continuously expanding its branches in rural areas to expand its business in the retail sector. Along with this, all the banking-related facilities are trying to rapidly expand their ATM network to provide the best facilities to the customers.

Due to this retail customers are increasingly joining the bank and due to this, the CASA ratio is also seen increasing rapidly. With the increase in the CASA ratio, banks will be seen giving fast loans to retail investors in the coming days. Due to this, the bank will get a good amount of interest and there is going to be a good increase in profit.

With the way IDFC First Bank is adding more and more customers, you can see a good growth bank emerging in the retail sector in the coming years. Talking about the share price of this bank in 2023, the first target you can see is Rs 121. After that, you see another target of Rs 124.

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IDFC’s first bank share price target 2025:

The management of the bank is seen to have many years of experience, due to which the roots of IDFC First Bank are most visible. At the same time, the way the management of the bank seems to be focusing on digital in its banking service keeping in mind the future, it is seen giving most of the facilities related to banking service online to the customer.

The bank is trying its best to provide the best service to the customer by using the latest technology in digital to improve its banking service. The benefit of which you will gradually get to see IDFC First Bank.

If it is possible to stay updated with the digital service in the coming years, IDFC’s first bank share price target will show you the first target of Rs 181 by 2025. Then the second target of Rs 187 ceases to be of interest.

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IDFC’s first bank share price target 2030:

India’s banking sector is very small as compared to other developed countries. The growth journey of this sector has just begun. As India’s economy continues to grow, IDFC First Bank in the banking sector continues to take advantage of this growth.

Because it seems that the bank is constantly taking advantage of every opportunity. IDFC First Bank is seen launching new credit cards for each of its customers keeping in view the growing demand of the credit card business. The benefit of this is definitely going to be seen by IDFC First Bank in the long run.

As IDFC First Bank continues to strengthen its banking service, if it is able to grow in the long run, the share price target of this bank in 2030 is likely to trade around Rs 432.

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IDFC’s first bank Stock with a vision for the future:

IDFC First Bank is a bank with strong leadership in the Baking sector. Whenever there is any problem in this bank like an increase in NPAs, the management seems to be controlling it by taking good decisions at the right time. IDFC First Bank can be seen showing good growth in the coming times due to strong management. Also, we are continuously improving our banking service with a futuristic vision, so that you can see good financial growth at IDFC First Bank in the coming years.

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 Risk in IDFC’s first bank share:

The highest risk in all the banking sectors is seen in NPAs. In IDFC’s first bank too, there has been a marginal increase in NPAs due to corporate debt. But the way the management is focusing on retail loans, some improvement in NPAs may be seen in the long run.

From my perspective:

The way the management of IDFC First Bank is trying to grow its business, IDFC First Bank’s share is expected to give you good returns in the long run. If you are planning to invest in this banking stock, then you should take a long-term view. But before investing at any cost, do your analysis once.

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Conclusion on IDFC First Bank Share Price Target For 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030:

I hope after reading the art IDFC First Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030, you have got an idea of ​​what it is going to look like in the future. If you still have any questions in your mind, then do tell me in the comment.

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