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Rcom Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, & 2030

Rcom Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, & 2030

In this article, we will talk about Rcom’s share price targets for 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030. The business of Anil Ambani’s telecom sector, which earlier seemed to be growing tremendously, But now it is on the verge of drowning. I will try to know all the details of the company so that it can be known whether the company can earn good returns to shareholders in the future.

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Rcom Share Price Target 2023:

The company is continuously running the business by taking huge debt on itself. Due to this, the assets of the company have also been on the verge of being sold. Talking about the biggest assets of the company, then Spectrum. And he seems to be trying his best to save her. Anil Ambani is seen taking many steps to keep his business afloat.

I have done a lot of work to get rid of debt in my business. It is possible that something like this will be seen in RCOM in the coming days as well. Due to this, the share price will also be going up. If seen in 2023, then the first target can be seen at 1.5 rupees. After that, Rs. 2.5 shows another target.

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Rcom Share Price Target 2024:

If the company reduces its debt by selling its business, Telecom Spectrum, then Rcom is going to focus on its enterprise business. And the company is still the market leader in that. Networking, data centers, and the cloud are connected with AC technology in this business. Due to this, the valuation of the company is expected to increase in the coming days.

However, how the company is able to run this business will be seen only in the coming days. Talking about the share price till 2024, the first target of Rs 2.75 shows up. If this target is seen to be of interest soon, then one should definitely hold it for 3.25 rupees.

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Rcom Share Price Targets 2025:

The company is constantly trying to repay the debt of the bank and other companies by selling its assets. Because of this, the future of the company is negligible. However, due to some good news from time to time, you get to see a little jump. However, the expectation of big returns is negligible.

If the company manages to handle itself at the right time, then good growth can be expected. Because its business is related to technology, there are many opportunities ahead in this sector. But a lot of investment will also be required. If the stock of Rcom remains the same in 2025, then the target can be seen trading in the seed trade of Rs 4 to Rs 4.5.

Rcom Share Price Targets 2030:

Considering the company’s financials and fundamentals, it is very risky to stay invested in this stock for a long time. Unless the company shows good performance, you should absolutely not invest in this company in the long run. The company may give good returns in a short period of time, but to give good returns in the long run, it is very important to have a strong business.

Looking at Rcom at the present time, it cannot be said that it is good at all. Hence, you would be better off staying away from investing in this stock in the long run.

Rcom Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, & 2030 are listed below:

YearShare Price Targets FirstShare Price Targets Second
2023Rs. 1.5Rs. 2.5
2024Rs. 2.75Rs. 3.25
2025Rs. 4Rs. 5.50

Rcom’s stock is forward-looking:

The seeds of a lot of trouble and debt for the company have remained in the market till now, it is a big deal for the company. However, the present financials of the company are not strong enough to sustain this business in the future. But in the coming days, if we see a merger with a big company, then the good days for the company can start.

Risks in Investing Rcom Share:

There is a lot of risk to be seen in the company. The biggest risk is the debt incurred by the company. Due to this, the company has stood in this bad position today. If you are trying to invest in this company then you are putting your money at risk. Therefore, investing as much money as it does not make much difference in case of loss. Don’t fall into the trap of overeating.


I hope by reading the post Rcom share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, along with the details of the company, it will be possible to get an idea of ​​how the company’s business is going to be in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this, then definitely tell me in the comment.

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