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Tejas Networks Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, & 2030

Tejas Networks Share Price Targets

In this article, we will know Tejas Networks’ share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, and how the company’s shares show performance. The way the stock has shown momentum since the pandemic, it has given investors multi-bagger returns by earning in a very short time.

So today we will look at the future prospects of Tejas Networks’ business so that we can know where the company’s performance is seen going in the long run. Let us understand in detail…

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Tejas Networks Share Price Targets for 2023:

Tejas Networks is seen as the largest company for laying optical fiber networks across the country. That’s why Bharti Airtel has chosen Tejas Networks to expand its optical fiber network. Under this deal, the company will help Airtel strengthen its network service through its optical fiber network.

Due to this, the business of Tejas Networks is going to see a good boom in the coming days. Also, in view of the way Tejas Networks has been seen in its business, Panatone Finvest Ltd, a subsidiary of Tata Sons, has been seen signing an agreement to buy 43.3 percent shares.

The way big deals are being seen in the company’s business, in the coming time, Tejas Networks’ share price target by 2023 is expected to show you the first target of Rs 809. As soon as this target gets interest, you can see the second target going up to Rs 870.

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Tejas Networks Share Price Targets for 2024:

The way every sector is becoming increasingly digital, and due to this, India is becoming very fast-forward in terms of data expenditure. Due to the increasing demand for the Internet, people have started using high-speed broadband network connections much faster. The maximum benefit of this is being seen by taking Tejas Networks.

In the last few years, a growth of 25 percent has been seen in the Broadband network. Due to this, the financial performance of the company is showing good growth. In view of the rapid increase in its demand, Tejas Networks is continuously expanding its network.

As people will be seen spending more and more data, you will also see growth in the business of the company. Looking at the coming years, by 2024, the share price of Tejas Networks is expected to show you the first target of Rs 890. After that, the second target is hit to hold it for Rs.925.

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Tejas Networks Share Price Targets for 2025:

The way in which the Government of India is giving the most importance to the Indian company to bring 5G technology under the Made in India scheme. Analysts say that Tejas Networks is going to be seen taking the most advantage of this. Because the company appears at the forefront of making telecom hardware engaged in 5G technology.

Tejas Networks will be seen reaping the maximum benefits in the long run as well due to all the manufacturing work being done gradually in the telecom sector or broadband network.

As the company will be seen catching the visitors coming in its business, by 2025 in the share price target of Tejas Networks, you can be seen showing the first target of Rs 965. Then look for the second target to be Rs 1005 interest.

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Tejas Networks Share Price Targets for 2030:

The company is seen doing all the work related to internet networks from design to development. Due to this, the company’s business is expected to grow significantly in the long run.

In India, at present, only 3 percent of the people have a high-speed internet connection. Therefore, there is a huge market opportunity in the company’s business in the long run.

As the company sees its optical fiber network reaching more and more customers, you will see tremendous growth in the company’s business. In the long run, you see every possibility of Tejas Networks’ share price going around Rs 1900 by 2030.

Tejas Networks Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, & 2030 are Given Below:

YearTejas Networks share price target FirstTejas Networks share price target Second
2023Rs. 809Rs. 870
2024Rs. 890Rs. 925
2025Rs. 965Rs. 1005
2030Rs. 1900

Tejas Networks Stock Has a Forward-looking Perspective:

Looking at the business of Tejas Networks from the point of view of the future, it is seen quite often. The way every sector seems to be going online, the demand for high-speed internet is also increasing continuously.

The company seems to be strengthening its network to meet this growing demand. Along with this, the demand for this sector is going to keep increasing with new technology updates in the future. In the long run, the future of the company will depend on how the management of Tejas Networks keeps its business updated.

Risk in Tejas Networks share:

If you see the biggest risk in the business of Tejas Networks, being a company associated with telecom and optical fiber networks, it requires a lot of investment to lay fiber in its business. Due to this good profits are not seen showing for a long time.

Also, promoter holding is not seen in the company’s shares at all, and Mutual Funds are also continuously reducing their holding. Due to this Tejas Networks’ share is seen to be a little risky stock.

From My perspective:

The sector in which Tejas Networks runs its business is undoubtedly a bright industry. In the coming days, the company that will be seen spreading the strongest network is going to be seen capturing more and more markets.

Tejas Networks is a very small company in terms of market cap, so you should consider investing only after considering it as a beak.


I hope that by reading the article Tejas Networks share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, you have understood the future business prospects of the company. If you still have any doubts related to this, then definitely tell me in the comments.

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