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RVNL Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, & 2030

In this article, we will know RVNL share price targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 which is a government subsidiary. These days this stock is in the headlines for retail investors. If you are looking to invest in this stock or your investment is already there, then it is very important for you to know how the company’s business will show in the coming years.

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd will try to know after doing a complete analysis of the business of the company, how many rupees it is possible to reach the target in the coming days. Let’s look at the company’s business from the perspective of the future-

RVNL Share Price Target for 2023:

RVNL being a subsidiary company of the government, the investor does not have to fear that much about this stock. The government gives all the development projects related to railways to RVNL. Whether it is the laying of railway lines, electrification of railways, or the project of the metro, only one name comes to work related to all railway development.

The company has completed many projects related to railways and many similar projects are yet to be completed. Due to this, the expectation of a good profit for the company can be seen in the coming days. The company also pays a good dividend every year to its shareholders.

If you want to earn good dividends and stable returns then RVNL share can be a better option for you. If seen in the short term, RVNL’s share price can be expected to show the first target of Rs 150 by 2023. As soon as this target is interested, you can see the second target showing Rs 160.

RVNL Share Price Target for 2024:

The entire business of the company depends only on the Ministry of Railways. Whichever Ministry of Railways brings the project, its entire responsibility rests with RVNL. As the railway projects are increasing, along with it the turnover of the company is also increasing continuously. Due to this a gradual increase in its profit can also be seen.

However, due to the company’s business being dependent only on the projects of the Ministry of Railways, most of the big FIIs and DIIs do not see much holding. Due to this, you should not expect multi-bagger returns in this stock at all.

But the full potential of giving very good returns is seen in the company’s business. Looking at the growth of the company’s business in the coming year 2024, the first target is going to be shown at Rs 166. Then look at the second target for Rs 175.

RVNL Share Price Target for 2025:

Railways play an important role in India’s economic growth. Therefore, the development of railways is going to be seen fast in the coming time. For its development, from time to time, the government announces new projects and more and more investments. Whose full benefit goes to RVNL.

If you look at the order book of the company, then it is continuously increasing. If the management is to be believed, its growth is expected to increase by 30 to 40 percent in the coming years. Due to this, there is going to be a good jump in the growth of the company. If there is no private sector entry in this business of the company, then these stocks definitely have the ability to give you good returns.

If the RVNL share price target is seen by 2025, then the first target of Rs 200 can be seen. After that, the second target is hit to hold it for 215 rupees.

RVNL Share Price Target for 2030:

As you look at the company’s business in the long run, many opportunities appear. Gradually the railways have also started modernization. Due to this many such new projects are going to appear in the coming years, whose full benefit is going to be seen by RVNL.

Along with this, bullet trains are also coming to India. And if RVNL is seen getting this project, then you yourself can understand how much growth can be seen in its business. However, the company’s business depends only on the railways, due to which the market does not look at this stock from the point of view of value like other companies.

So you should not expect very high returns from this stock. In the long run, by 2030, you can see the company’s share price trading around Rs 295.

RVNL Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030:

YearRVNL Share Price Target FirstRVNL Share Price Target Second
2023Rs. 150Rs. 160
2024Rs. 166Rs. 175
2025Rs. 200Rs. 215
2030Rs. 295

RVNL Stock’s is Forward-looking:

If we look at the company’s business from the future point of view, RVNL appears to be a good stock. The company’s business is expected to grow in the long run. Due to being a company of the government, its business is fully supported.

Because of this, even if you get less returns than the rest of the company, but good dividends and stable returns can be expected.

RVNL Stock’s Financial Result

Talking about the financial result of RVNL, it can be said rightly. Good growth can be seen in the profit of the company. Also, EPS was also seen increasing every year. However, the debt of the company seems to be increasing continuously for the last few years. Which is not a good thing for any company.

Risk of Investing RVNL Share:

If the biggest risk is seen in the company, then their business depends only on the Ministry of Railways. Whatever project the company gets, the company’s business runs on it. Because of this huge growth is not visible inside the company and is going to be limited in that only.

Also, in the coming years, the way the government is paying more and more attention to private, if a private company comes into the project of railways, then there is an impact on the business of RVNL.

From My Perspective:

Risks are also seen in the longer term than what is often seen above the RVNL stock. The company is still running on the basis of others. If you are looking to invest in this stock, then in my opinion only a small part of your investment should be invested.

When you are seen making a good decision for the government on the company, then you tend to increase your investment amount a bit. But before investing at any price, you must do your analysis once.


Hope you have a good understanding of the future performance of the company along with the business details of the company after reading the post RVNL share price targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. If you still have any questions in your mind then do ask in a comment. 

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