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Top 12 Investors in the Indian Stock Market 2024

List of Top Traders in India - Top 12 Investors in Indian Stock Market 2022
List of Top Traders in India – Top Investors in the Indian Stock Market

In this post, we are writing about the top investors in the Indian stock market and a review of top traders in India 2023 along with their net worth and number of stocks held.

The table below includes a list of all the top investors in India and the methods of success in this article. we also discussed their portfolios, investment strategies, and other characteristics.

Keeping up with these top traders in India will help you achieve your goals, whether you are new to stock market investing or wish to increase your stock market profits through smart investment.

The best stock investors in India are available for you to research. This would assist you in discovering fresh stock investment tactics that might be necessary to provide the highest worth.

Top 12 Investors in Indian Stock Market 2024- List of Top Traders in India

No.Top Traders/Investors NamePortfolio Net Worth in 2022No Stock Holding
1.Premji and AssociatesRs. 179,043 Cr3
2.Radhakishan Shivkishan DamaniRs. 1,02,077Cr6
3.Rakesh JhunJhunwala & AssociatesRs. 27,137.2 Cr30
4.Rekha JhunjhunwalaRs. 8,708.0 Cr19
5.Mukul AgrawalRs. 2,376.9 Cr.53
6.Akash BhansaliRs. 2,696.89 Cr19
7.Ashish DhawanRs. 1,962.5 Cr14
8.Sunil SinghaniaRs. 1,891 Cr22
9.Ashish KacholiaRs 1,787.1 Cr27
10.Anil Kumar GoelRs. 1,539.0 Cr.35
11.Nemish S ShahRs. 1,408.5 Cr6
12.Mohnish PabraiRs. 1,357.1 Cr4

Top Traders in India and Review List of Top Stock Market Investors 2024

#1. Premji and Associates:

Prem Ji, the owner of Wipro, one of the top IT companies in India, comes first on the list of best traders in the country. Wipro, which receives the largest share, is one of the three equities in which the trader invests his money.

Premji & Associates currently has a net worth of around Rs. 179,043 Cr. Wipro, which started as a modest family business and entered the IT sector in 1980, is how Azim Premji came to achieve his ambition.

It is clear from Premji’s portfolio that he does not enjoy widely diversified holdings like other stock traders in terms of diversification. He primarily invests in technology stocks, yet has the highest current value in the sector.

His straightforward but careful financial approach is something that deserves genuine praise. You can decide to adopt their investing approach and see how it performs if you are trying to invest in stocks through a stock broker.

#2. Radhakishan Shivkishan Damani:

Radhakrishnan Damani, a well-known trader in India who goes by the moniker Mr. White and White, earned this nickname for the white clothing he consistently wore.

You would be surprised to learn that Mr. Damani was Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s mentor in the genuine Indian stock market. He is currently the richest trader in India, with a portfolio worth Rs. 1,02,077Cr.

#3. Rakesh JhunJhunwala:

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala comes in third on the list of top traders in India; he is known as the “King of the Indian Stock Market.” He is frequently referred to as “The Big Bull,” and his wealth exceeds Rs. 2700 crores.

He is well-liked by politicians, financiers, dealers, Stockbrokers, and other influential figures nationwide because of his straightforward demeanor.

#4. Rekha Jhunjhunwala:

Portfolio Net Worth: Rs. 8,708.0 Cr

Number of Stock Holding: 19

#5. Mukul Agrawal:

On the list of the top traders in India, Mukul Agarwal is said to be a recent addition. As of July 2022, his portfolio was valued at Rs. 2,376 crores.

He runs a profitable firm and provides financial counseling and asset management services in Patna that are value-oriented. He frequently appeared as a TEDx speaker and motivational speaker.

Due to the fact that he buys companies in smaller segments, his aggressive investment strategy is particularly well-liked by investors. He has a wonderful talent for finding stocks that could produce enormous gains.

#6. Akash Bhansali:

Akash Bhansali comes in fifth on the list of top traders in India. Akash now has a net worth of Rs. 2,696.89 crores and is most well-known for his interesting portfolio.

#7. Ashish Dhawan:

In the Indian stock market, he is yet another well-known face. He is not just a well-known stock investor, but also a successful businessman and philanthropist. He is currently the CEO of the Central Square Foundation.

He is responsible for creating Ashoka University. His portfolio is currently worth Rs. 1,962.5 crores, and he has 14 equities in all.

#8. Sunil Singhania:

Sunil Singhania, another well-known name on the list of top traders in India, has a portfolio of Rs. 1,891 crores. He holds a particular place in the hearts of stock investors and traders in the sector because he is the CIO of Reliance Mutual Fund. His portfolio contains 22 securities in total.

#9. Ashish Kacholia:

One of the best traders in India is Mr. Ashish Kacholia, who has a portfolio of Rs 1,787.1 crores. His low-value equities, which have the potential to redefine market returns, are his specialties.

Ashish owns 27 different stocks in his portfolio, earning him the nickname “Big Whale of the Stock Market.” His portfolio contains well-known companies including Poly Medicure Ltd., NIIT Ltd., VRL Logistics, Mastek Ltd., and others.

#10. Anil Kumar Goel:

Anil Kumar Goel, who is currently in the 9th position, As of July 2022, his portfolio is worth Rs. 1,539.0 crores rupees. In all, he owns 35 equities, with the manufacturing industry making up the majority of his holdings.

#11. Nemish S Shah:

A consultant who assists long-term investors with their investments. Nimesh C. Shah has been providing high-quality investment advice and practical solutions to investors for over 16 years.

The company works more diligently to develop the investment strategies of its clients, assisting them in achieving their needs and objectives. Investment consulting is designed to be a long-term component of the client’s investment strategy. his portfolio is worth Rs. 1,408.5 crores rupees. In all, he owns 6 equities holding.

The consultant’s role is to actively track the client’s investments and stay in contact as long as the client’s objectives change.

The only goal of Nimesh C. Shah is to provide thoughtful, client-centered, need-oriented investment and wealth management solutions and investment recommendations.

Being customers, our focus is on rapid, timely services and assistance rather than pursuing targets to generate a lot of business; in fact, the absence of targets allows us to provide clients with the most unbiased, appropriate options for spending their money.

The Company maintains that quitting an investment at the proper moment is just as important to us as consulting the centering.

#12. Mohnish Pabrai:

One of India’s top stock investors is Mohnish Pabrai. In addition to being regarded as the King of the Stock Market, he founded the Pabrai Fund House and the Dhandho Fund. His net worth is Rs. 1,357.1 Crore, and it is invested in just 4 stocks.

  • Portfolio Net Worth: Rs. 8,708.0 Cr
  • Number of Stock Holding: 19
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