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Top 8 Best Demat Accounts for Mutual Funds in India 2024

Best Demat Account For Mutual Funds in India
Best Demat Account For Mutual Funds in India

In this article, we are discussing everything you need to know about Best Demat Account For Mutual Funds in India:

If you really want to invest in mutual funds but don’t care about the fees and charges, look for the best Demat account for mutual funds. It could be a better choice for you. If you just want to invest in mutual funds with a very well strategy, you may seek the advice of financial consultant planners or utilize one of the other platforms.

Usage of such a Demat account for mutual funds is a convenient and transparent method of investing in mutual funds and managing fund manager assets. This will assist with the acquisition of other financial instruments. You’ll also receive a consolidated snapshot of your financial holdings. To invest money, you don’t need to have a Demat account. However, it is highly dependent on the demands of investors and their knowledge of the product.

SEBI is working hard to ensure that the mutual fund investing sector is as transparent as possible. You’ll have no trouble keeping track of your investments. You may also determine whether the services you are receiving are worth the money you are spending for them.

To invest in equity shares, you must have a Demat account. It is no longer difficult to choose the ideal Demat account for mutual funds, thanks to technological advancements. Mutual fund investments can be made on stock markets. To gain a significant benefit, DPs have begun to provide transactions in mutual funds, bonds, corporate FDs, NPS, and other financial instruments.

Investing in mutual funds and other financial instruments requires a Demat account.

In order to understand the finest Demat account for mutual funds, let’s first understand what intraday trading is. A trader has to be well-versed in a few key aspects of trading. Before diving into the world of stocks and shares, newcomers must have a firm grasp of this concept. There are several market participants, including equities, FNO, IPO, insurance, mutual funds, and so on.

One can open a Demat account and invest in Mutual Funds through a broker who has all the necessary characteristics to succeed in the market. Another thing that helps in trade is good customer service. Your questions are answered quickly and efficiently by the support staff.

 Top 8 Best Demat Account for mutual funds in India:

Sl.noBroker Name.Ratings.
1.Zerodha Coin 8.45/10
2.Upstox Mutual Fund 8.32/10
3.Sharekhan InstaMF 8.19/10
4.Angel one Bee MF 8.09/10
5.Groww Mutual Fund 8.03/10
6.HDFC Money Market 7.91/10
7.IIFL Mutual Fund 7.89/10
8.Kotak mutual funds 7.82/10

The best reason, Why should invest in mutual funds?

4 reasons to invest in mutual funds are listed below:

  • To make use of compounding’s power:

Compounding is the process of generating new profits from current ones. Due to compounding, your assets grow at a quicker rate over time than if you invest late. As a result, the sooner you begin investing, the greater mutual fund returns you will receive when you need the money to achieve your objective.

In addition, mutual funds offer a simple way to invest. You won’t have complicated funding requirements in your twenties and thirties. Mutual funds are a fantastic alternative for young investors to invest in and profit from the power of compounding twenty-three years down the road since they are easy to acquire. You may choose from Equity, Debt, Hybrid Funds, and FOF mutual funds and start investing based on your investment goal and timeframe.

  • To increase your risk tolerance:

The longer your time horizon for keeping your money invested, the more aggressive your investments may be.

An investor must invest in accordance with his or her risk tolerance. And it is true that younger individuals have a higher risk tolerance when it comes to investing and can opt to remain aggressive in their financial plans- the risk profile switches to conservative as one gets older. Volatile market fluctuations are simpler to absorb while you are young since you have more time to adjust your financial goals if anything goes wrong.

Young people’s financial plans tend to be flexible. With lengthier investment periods, you may opt to swap between plans, i.e. choose Plan B if Plan A does not work out.

  • To build money for one’s future self:

Brief financial markets have far more ups and downs than long-term economies. When you begin investing in top mutual funds at a young age, you allow your money time to grow into a larger corpus. You can modify your investment approach over time based on your financial goals. It should be noted that equities mutual funds may provide bigger results over a longer time frame than they do over a shorter time period. Mutual funds can assist you in accumulating money over time.

  • To avoid paying tax:

You may save money on taxes by investing in mutual funds. Through an equity schemes savings plan (ELSS), mutual funds can help you save money on taxes. Every financial gain, including profits on bank fixed deposits, mutual funds, and stocks, is taxed in addition to normal income. When opposed to money invested in the stock market, money invested in fixed income instruments is taxed differently.

Spending in a tax-efficient manner does not have to be difficult, but it does need some forethought. While taxes should never be the primary driver of an investing plan, having a better understanding of them can help you increase your end returns.

Do we require a Demat account for investing in mutual funds?

No, a Demat account is not required to invest in mutual funds. You can invest in these products even if you don’t have a Demat account because there are alternative options.

If you want to invest in stocks, you’ll need a Demat account, although mutual fund investments are a little more flexible. Here’s how to invest in mutual funds without having to open a Demat account.

  • Via way of the website of the investment firm:

The product offers of many mutual fund firms may be seen on the company’s website. So, all you have to do is go to the fund house in person, fill out the application form and bring your identification with you, and then invest in the funds of your choosing.

  • using third-party websites:

Investing in mutual funds may also be done through a variety of independent websites that allow you to open an account with them. You may invest in these funds and keep tabs on your portfolio by doing so online.

  • Using transfer agents:

CAMS and KARVY, for example, operate as middlemen between you and the mutual fund firms. If you would not want to deal with AMCs personally, you can approach these agencies. This is an alternative to using a Demat account to invest in mutual funds.

  • By way of banks:

You may also contact your bank to see if they provide mutual fund investment options. This allows you to invest in the funds you choose under the same roof where you get your banking services. There are no Demat accounts required.

  • Advisors who work for mutual funds:

Finally, you have the option of hiring mutual fund advisors who are members of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). They may assist you with mutual fund investments as well as provide advisory services.

Do we need a dematerialization for mutual funds?

While a dematerialization (Demat) account is not required to acquire or redeem mutual fund shares, there are several benefits to having one. A Demat allows an investor to purchase mutual fund shares without the help of a broker through the electronic transmission of monies.

When redeeming shares, an investor does not need to hold the physical fund certificates if they have a Demat account.

1. Mutual fund firms do not force investors to purchase mutual funds through a dematerialization (Demat) account.

2. A Demat service enables investors to buy and sell stocks, mutual funds, and other products electronically.

3. An investor can purchase or redeem mutual funds directly from the financial institution instead of utilizing a Demat account.

4. Demat accounts provide investors with a number of benefits, including enhanced financial transaction security, faster trade execution, and the removal of needless documentation.

Is it better to buy mutual funds through a Demat account?

When purchasing mutual funds, traders using a Demat account reap several benefits. One of the primary advantages is that it is a more convenient and secure means of keeping securities than the former system, which relied on physical certificates. Paper certificates are susceptible to being misplaced, stolen, or destroyed. In order to scam investors, fraudsters might produce phony credentials.

Investors benefit from automated and quick account updates when they use electronic accounting. Mutual funds can enhance the productivity with which they handle trades, cut down needless paperwork, and decrease human error-related errors.


Zerodha, Upstox, and login for other leading best Demat accounts for mutual funds are all easily accessible. There are numerous Demat accounts available for mutual funds; choose wisely. A Demat account is not required to invest in mutual funds. However, it is a more secure and easy method of moving forward.

You can store your shares in the safe custody of depositories (NSDL/CDSL).

You won’t have to contact multiple people, which saves time.

A stockbroker makes it simple to make financial investment transactions. For mutual fund investments, you may want to try out its top-rated Demat account. The best Indian stockbrokers are more open than their Counterparts, so mutual fund distributors are a unique breed within the Indian stock market.

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